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About Our Fall 2018 Themed Online Publication

2018-11-06 08.59.10 1.jpg

The Loom is Loomis Chaffee's student-led creative writing and visual arts magazine. Each spring, we publish a collection of original student writing and artwork. This fall, our online publication centers around the theme "Stranger". Each contributor interpreted this theme uniquely and turned it into a piece of writing or art. 

The menus above show different broad categories of student interpretations, and corresponding works have been included under their respective menus. Please feel free to browse, and let the students' creativity take you on an imaginative journey!


Editor-in-Chief: Ashley Chung

Assistant Editors: Monica Kim, Neala Sweeney, Yusuf Zaidi,

Julie Chung, Krishnapriya Rajaram

Faculty Advisor: Kate Saxton

Left: Artwork by Julie Chung '21

Top (Cover): Photograph by Sharon Zhou '19

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