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The Loom 

FALL 2021 

Art by Jia Yi (Jenny) Pan '22

Sofia Mansilla '23

Study after Andrea Solario

The Loom is Loomis Chaffee's student-run literary magazine. Twice a year we publish a collection of original student writing and artwork. When students are not working on the biannual publications, The Loom serves as a literary society and club on campus. We aim to foster a strong relationship between the literary and visual arts and to provide a space for students to share their poetry and creative writing.​

"Renaissance. A rebirth from the ruin of the Dark Ages… 

As we approach the mid-point of our return from the penumbra of quarantine The Loom invites you to consider these meditations on rebirth and new beginnings. Ranging from the most intimate moments of private resolve to the transformations that unfold in the inexorable drift of geological time, the images and writing in this issue remind us that the flowering that so often follows catastrophe is no mere accident but the expression of the irrepressible regenerative forces of the natural world. We hope you find, in these first green shoots rising from the ashes of 2021, the inspiration and comfort you seek for the path ahead. "

- Sang-yeop Kim, Faculty Advisor 

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